US Figure Skating Championships

The US Figure Skating Championships are returning to St. Paul, Minn. next week and I bought tickets to the senior ladies short program.  My husband agreed to stay home and babysit while I get to spend time with my coworkers (who agreed to come along) and watch some of my favorite skaters.  The last time this event took place in St. Paul, it was about 6 or 7 years ago and I signed up to volunteer. I had fun taking part in different activities.. like sitting with the judges during the senior ladies long program. I got to be an ice slusher/stamper, we filled in the holes in the ice. I also got to sit at a table and get people to sign up for things. This time I will not be volunteering, but will go to happy hour after work and then attend this great event to see world class skaters up close. I am very excited. My favorite skaters are Mirai Nagasu, Polina Edmunds, Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner. I hope they all do well and represent the USA well at Worlds. I wish I could learn skating as an adult.. just have to find a pair of skates now!